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Intersted in earning some money?  During this Baseball and Softball Season?  We need umpires.
The Youth Baseball Umpire Organization is holding training classes that are free to attend.

The initial training is on Sunday January 20th at 12pm in the Library of Thurston HS.
After this there is a weekly training that is also on Sundays for a few weeks. 

If you're interested in earning some money and helping your East Lane LL community in a big way?  Please contact us about umpiring. 
[email protected]

Interested in reducing your registration fee?

East Lane LL has decided to offer a unique opportunity for you to reduce your registration fee!  
For every player pitch competitive baseball or minor division softball game you decide to umpire your registration fee will be refunded by $20.  Once you've umpired enough games to reduce the registration fee of your 1st player to $0 you can have the opportunity to earn $20 gift cards.  For every home plate umpiring you do you'll receive a $20 Costco gift card.  NOTE: the last game umpired to reach a $0 registration fee for your player will be a $19 refund for accounting purposes.  If you have more than 1 player registered with us you may continue performing as a home plate umpire at more games to continue to reduce the cost of the registration from subsequent registered players.  You may umpire player pitch games your own player is in as well as games where your player is not playing in.
Additionally if there is already a home plate umpire at a game you want to umpire at then you can perform as a field umpire for a $10 per game refunded to you off your registration fee (a limit of 2 field umpire per game will receive credit while any others will be volunteer for that game.)
If you don't have a registered player you are responsible for and still want to umpire then you will be awarded $20 per game for home plate umpire duties in the form of a gift card from Costco.  You may choose to donate this money/time served to a friend or family member who has a registered player.  Example: Friend, grandparent, uncle, aunt, or cousin performs a home plate umpire duty and donates the $20 to a specific person and forfeits their right to a gift card.

You do not have to have a player registered in a player pitch competitive division to exercise this umpire option.
-If your player is a TeeBall player or a Coach/Machine Division player and you perform as a home plate umpire for 6 games in a player pitch competitive division (not TeeBall, Coach/Machine, or Single A) then you will receive your registration fee refunded at the end of the season plus you will receive 1 additional $20 gift card to Costco.
-If you have 1 player in a player pitch baseball division and 1 player in a softball division and you umpire 12 games through our season.  You will receive a refund back to you for $240 and your total out of pocket registration fee will only be $28 (not $38 due to a $10 second child registered discount).
If you would like to umpire but do not believe you know the rules of baseball there is a free baseball clinic that starts this coming Sunday, January 20th.  This clinic is an optional attendance clinic and attendance is not required to umpire.  Please contact East Lane LL immediately if you're interested in attending the clinic, umpiring using this option, or are interested in attending a special umpire clinic on a different weekend before games begin in April.  
We are excited to hear from you!
East Lane Little League


Which of the following are true regarding the rules of baseball? 


  • The hands are considered part of the bat.

  • The batter-runner must turn to his right after over-running first base.

  • If the batter breaks his wrists when swinging, it’s a strike.

  • If a batted ball hits the plate first it’s a foul ball.

  • The batter cannot be called out for interference if he is in the batter’s box.

  • The batter may not switch batter’s boxes after two strikes.

  • If the batter does not pull the bat out of the strike zone while in the bunting position, it’s an automatic strike.

  • The batter is out if his foot touches the plate.

  • Tie goes to the runner.

  • The runner gets the base he’s going to, plus one on a ball thrown out-of-play.

  • Anytime a coach touches a runner, the runner is out.

  • Runners may never run the bases in reverse order.

  • A pitch that bounces to the plate cannot be hit.

  • With no runners on base, it is a ball if the pitcher starts his windup and then stops.

  • The pitcher must step off the rubber before a pick-off throw.

  • The home plate umpire can overrule the other umps at anytime.

  • A batter hit by a pitch always gets first base.

  • The ball is dead on a walk or infield fly.


Find out the correct answers to these questions and more by clicking HERE.

For more information on Umpire Training....
Little League International Umpire Training

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