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Reminders For Parents and Fans:

1. Baseball and Softball is a hard game. Remember to tell your child how tough it was for you.

2. Listen to your children, don't lecture to them. Let them tell you what they enjoy about sports.

3. Praise your kids, their teammates, and opponents just for participating, regardless of their athletic skills.

4. Coaches: Remember, every child wants to play during games as much as possible. As a coach, it's your job to make sure that happens within the boundary of safety and Little League International's minimum play rule.

5. Yelling and screaming discourages a child's desire to do well in sports. No one wants to be criticized, especially when playing a difficult game.

6. Try not to take yourself too seriously when it comes to your involvement in youth sports, reminding yourself that there is life beyond youth sports. 

7. Emphasize teamwork with your kids, teaching them to think "we" instead of "me". 

8. Teach your kids by giving them a good example of good sportsmanship: winning without gloating and losing without complaining.

9. Maintain a "Fun is No. 1" attitude. Remind yourself and your kids to laugh and keep a sense of humor. Win or Lose, Baseball and Softball games are suppose to be fun!

East Lane LL is open to communication which is expressed in a way that seeks clarification, understanding AND that respects the guidelines we have set forth below
We understand that…
  •  Players interpretation of what was said by a manager/coach is not always clear
  •  Due to emotions, players do not always communicate the whole story or remember all that was said
  •  Parents may be able to offer some insight or they may have some concerns when it comes to their child’s well being.
If this occurs follow the appropriate steps below.
Step 1:  PLAYER APPROACHES HIS/HER TEAM’S HEAD COACH (We recommend that this is not done before or following a game when emotions are running at their highest for both players, parents, and the coaching staff).
If a parent is present a meeting needs to be set up with the manager/coach.  The parents role with their child is to help guide & support the child’s communication, and not to step in and handle things for them.  East Lane LL desires to teach and empower its players with the ability to learn how to handle character building conversations and self management of their emotions.  East Lane LL also looks to handle matters at the lowest level possible.
   ex.  “Coach-  I would like to set up a time to discuss with you suggestions and ideas of how I can improve and work hard to change my role on the team.  Does after practice tomorrow work?”
         “Coach – I would like to be given the opportunity to discuss with you a sensitive subject when you are next available.  Is there a good time for you and I to talk in person?  My parents would also like to be there with me to help me fully communicate.”
Step 2:  PARENT SET UP A MEETING WITH THE TEAM’S HEAD MANAGER/COACH to facilitate a player to coach conversation.
Step 3:  PARENT WRITES AN EMAIL TO EAST LANE LITTLE LEAGUE requesting assistance in resolving the matter or arranging a meeting with the team manager/coach.
Step 4:  AN EAST LANE LITTLE LEAGUE Executive Board member, the Manager/Coach will evaluate and review the email.  The goal is to handle matters
Step 5:  One of East Lane Little League's Executive Board members who evaluated the email will communicate within 5-7 days of receiving the filing and let you know the next step and/or the result.
EXAMPLES OF COMMUNICATION that does not require an email to East Lane Little League:
  1. Any communication through a player. (Step 1 above)
  2. If a player will be late to a team event.
  3. If a player will not be able to attend a team event.
  4. If there is an emergency issue.  This should be communicated to the Manager/Coach if calling 911 does not apply.
  5. If there is an issue regarding a player’s health. (Ex. Injury, eating disorder, illness)
  6. If there is an issue regarding unhealthy choices a player is making (Ex. Skipping school, failing grades, rebelling)
  7. Logistical questions. (Ex. Time of the game)
  1. Do NOT text, email, or call a manager/coach or East Lane LL board member with an “issue or complaint” regarding playing time (unless the Little League minimum play expectations are not being met.  See LL Rulebook), baseball/softball strategy, manager/coaches decisions with player assignments on the field, other players, or with any language that seeks to attack the manager/coach personally or the way they are managing/coaching.

2.   Do NOT confront the manager/coach or a East Lane LL board member before, during or after a team event to discuss playing time (unless the Little League minimum play expectations are not being met.  See LL Rulebook), baseball/softball strategy, manager/coaching decisions with player assignments on the field, other players, or with any language that seeks to attack the manager/coach personally or the way they are coaching.

3.     We instruct our managers/coaches to not engage in any communication that is confrontational, makes them uncomfortable, breaks guidelines or has not been arranged through the an email to the league.  Little League International Rules state that no team manager/coach or player will interact with a spectator or parent in or outside of the dugout during the game.  We also recommend to our team managers/coaches that conversation after a game be focused on encouraging players and to not have conversations that could be emotionally charged. 

If a parent chooses to communicate in one of these ways, they will be instructed to send an email to East Lane LL.  If a parent continues to communicate in disrespectful ways, East Lane LL will take it before the committee and may choose disciplinarian action, up to dismissing their child from the East Lane LL team.
Issues that will be discussed through submitting a email:
1.  The mental & physical well being of your child
2.  What your child needs to do to improve
3.  Concerns about your son’s/daughter’s behavior
4.  Seeking clarification to what your son/daughter said occurred or happened
Issues that will not be discussed at any time or by any means:
1.  Team strategy or play calling
2.  Other student athletes  (unless it is the treatment of your child by another child)
3.  How much playing time each athlete is getting (unless minimum play requirements established by Little League International are not met, see LL Rulebook for the definition of minimum play).
4. Complaining about umpire play calls.
5.  Perceived unfairness of player assigned positions.

East Lane Little League is 100% volunteer driven and relies heavily on sponsorships to operate.  If you feel like you know a better way to improve league operations or want to see things changed then we encourage you to get involved and volunteer. 

Please remember that East Lane LL Executive board members as well as team managers/coaches have a personal life, and are 100% volunteer positions with East Lane Little League.  They are spouses, parents, employees, etc. and all have had or still have players on teams at various divisions.  We require that parents respect the coaches' time and life off of the field by following these communication guidelines.  Also be reminded of the principles that guide them.  Each team manager/coach has a responsibility to do what they think is best for the team in an effort to help the team win as long as it is within the boundaries of the rules.  There are some times when unconventional game strategies may be used if other game strategies have been unsuccessful in the past.  East Lane LL mangers/coaches desire to teach young people what it takes to improve their baseball/softball skills, commitment, and leadership.  They will criticize at times, discipline team members, attempt multiple ways to motivate, and fail themselves as they seek to help young people grow.  The game of baseball/softball is a hard one with many situational rules, and emotions/expectations are always high.  Unfortunately losing a game is also part of the experience of playing ball, and valuable lessons can be taught in these instances too.  Overall the expectation of East Lane LL Executive board members and the managers/coaches do desire what is best for the team and for your child. In order to help members reach their goals, effective communication and a willingness to problem-solve are key components. 

East Lane Little League recommends to team managers/coaches and parents that once you depart from the field don't talk about the game again that day, and instead have conversations with the child about other important things in their life. 

To communicate about a problem, an issue, file a complaint or to make a request please complete the following form. Email your communication to [email protected] or to your team's manager/coach. You may also mail it to:
East Lane Little League
5729 Main St #355
Springfield OR 97478

East Lane LL will attempt to respond within 5-7 business days of the receipt of and email at which point an East Lane LL board member will contact you about the result or next step regarding the email.


East Lane Little League has adopted a policy to include Zero Tolerance of the harassment of managers, coaches, team parents and players. Harassment of or heckling of an umpire is defined as any physical or verbal objection to a judgment call including but not limited to a call of ball/strike, fair/foul, or out/safe. With managers, coaches, and players, the league includes:

1. ANY form of harassment or heckling. What may seem like nothing to one individual may be just what sends another away from the game, never to return. PLEASE be sensitive.

2. Major infractions of the rules (Little League International or Local) including, but not limited to actual play on the field.

3. Behavior deemed not in the best interest of East Lane Little League, its players and/or volunteers on the ball field or during a game.

Little League plans to maintain its reputation as a FUN program for kids and adults and has given the local league authority to establish disciplinary action where the reputation of Little League may be damaged. This may include gatherings away from the field when in uniform or representing Little League.

All umpires, managers, and coaches are volunteers, donating what may be hundreds of hours during a given season to help kids play ball.  When a challenge arises with another adult, first try to settle it quietly and in an orderly manner AWAY from the players and other individuals. If, in your opinion, this cannot be accomplished, inform a Board Member of your challenge. All volunteers in the program, and folks at the games, are only fathers, mothers, aunts, uncles, grandparents, sons, daughters. All who are volunteering may well be learning as they perform the task assigned to them. Remember to be tolerant and patient with each other.

Every player is learning, whether playing or watching a practice or game. They should be instructed, by word and by action, how to handle disagreements or confrontations in a Good Sportsmanship-like manner. As adults, it is extremely important we role model how differences in opinion or potential confrontations SHOULD be handled.

Each Manager and Coach will sign an application and contract specifically stating the league's expectations for behavior on the field and around the kids. Local League Rules state these very same expectations, and are discussed pre-season in a meeting.

The league has established a form for recording adult or player/child disciplinary action taken during the season. Adults may be parents, grandparents, bystanders, managers, coaches, etc. The youth could be registered ballplayers or children just watching from off the field. We expect positive, respectful behavior from our ball players, whether on the field, in the dugout, outside the fence-line watching a practice or game.

The severity of the disciplinary action will be determined by the League Executive Board. NOTE: Disciplinary action by the Board CANNOT be taken without WRITTEN DOCUMENTATION.

Please keep in mind the league will NOT tolerate heckling or harassment in ANY form. Our program REQUIRES volunteerism and it is our goal for everyone to look forward to returning as a player or volunteer. Depending on the severity of a violation, there may be a warning, or an individual may be asked to leave the premises, returning only when they can maintain control. A second warning may include a call to the local Police Department for assistance in escorting the individual(s) from the premises. Exception: If an UMPIRE throws an adult out of a game, they are to IMMEDIATELY leave the premises and not return for that game.

Though we project and hope no violations will occur, we EXPECT any incident to be reported immediately to the League President or Vice President. Within 48 hours of being notified, we will request letters from witnesses so it can be handled in a timely manner. Shared concerns and information is appreciated, but if the incident were severe enough to be a violation, it should be dealt with immediately by the individual(s) involved.
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